• 1. Where can I purchase Nicka K products?
    To locate a retailer near you and questions about product availability, please email our customer service at: shop@nicka.com We will always do our best to accommodate your concern as quickly as possible.
  • 2. Do you ship internationally?
  • 3. What are acceptable forms of payment?
  • 4. How can I find out the ingredients of my Nicka K product?
  • 5. I am a beauty supply owner in the US and would like to sell Nicka K New York products. How can I get in contact with a sales agent?
  • 6. My business is located outside the US and would like to sell Nicka K New York products. What do I do?
  • 7. Does my makeup have an expiration date?
  • 8. Why is my favorite product/shade discontinued?
  • 9. Are your products tested on animals?
  • 10. I am a Blogger/Vlogger/Influencer and would like to be added on to your PR list. How can I reach you?
  • 11. I placed an order but never received a confirmation email. What happened?
  • 12. How do I track my order?
  • 13. I only made 1 purchase but I was charged 2+ times. What happened?
  • 14. I am having trouble placing an order online. Who can I contact?
  • 15. I received my products but I am not satisfied. What do I do if I want to a refund?
  • 16. I tried some of the products but I want to return it. What do I do?